Join the Trail Steward Program and adopt your favorite trail. With the massive backlog of work needed on trails throughout the Forest Preserve, you can help keep the trails sustainable. In addition to keeping the trails open by clearing brush and cutting blowdown, you will also work to offset erosion by keeping the drainages clear.  Your annual report and regular observations are passed along to the regional DEC foresters to assist them in determining where more intensive trail projects are required. Groups are welcome.

ADK’s Trail Steward Program is supported by a Volunteer Stewardship agreement (VSA) with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

New Trail Stewards start in the Spring of each year. The starting point for new Stewards is to attend the free one-day Trail Maintainers Workshop given by ADK each Spring and Fall. Call 518-523-3441 or click here to learn more and/or register online.

Current Available Trails:

  • Big Eddy
  • Crowfoot Pond & East Mill Flow
  • Haystack  Jct. (Ray Brook) to Jack Rabbit  Trail
  • Hedgehog Pond
  • Hopkins Trail from Phelps Tr to Van Hovenberg Tr
  • Jockey Bush Trail
  • Little Clear to St Regis Pond (canoe carry)
  • Lows Lake to Big Deer Pond (canoe carry)
  • Mr Van Ski Trail from Klondike trail to Mt Van Hovenberg X-C center
  • Mt. Van Hovenberg  from South Meadow
  • Murphy Lake Trail
  • Norridgewock Trail
  • Old Farm Clearing to Puffer Pond
  • Owen , Winch & Copperas Pond Trails
  • Rock Lake Trail
  • Saginaw Bay Canoe Carry  (Middle to Upper Saranac Lakes)
  • Shorey Short Cut
  • Short Job

Do you want a favorite trail that is not shown here? Let us know and we’ll check the availability.

E-mail Herbert Coles, Trail Steward Coordinator, with your questions and for more information:

Walk your trail at least twice a season, initially prior to the end of the first week of June. Conclude the season prior to the end of October. 

Remove fallen trees and debris from the trail. Report the location of dangerous trees or too large to be removed by the Steward to the Forester. 

Prune any limbs, branches, and other vegetation that is within the required trail width. 

Clear any water bar, ditch, or culvert along the trail to ensure the continuous flow of water away from the trail. 

Notify the Forester of any broken planks on bridges or any bridge that has become unsafe. 

Check the trail markers along the trail and request needed markers from the Forester. 

Notify the Forester two weeks in advance of your upcoming trip. At the end of the trip notify the Forester of the work done for that trip. Both of these shall be with a form provided to you. 

In October an End of Season Report will be sent to each Steward. This will provide a summary of all work done for the season. Submit the report to the Trail Steward Coordinator.