Trail Steward Program

Join the Trail Steward Program and adopt your favorite trail. With the massive backlog of work needed on trails throughout the Forest Preserve, you can help keep the trails sustainable. In addition to keeping the trails open by clearing brush and cutting blowdown, you will also work to offset erosion by keeping the drainages clear.  Your annual report and regular observations are passed along to the regional DEC foresters to assist them in determining where more intensive trail projects are required. Groups are welcome.

ADK’s Trail Steward Program is supported by a Volunteer Stewardship agreement (VSA) with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

For more information and to get involved, contact Herbert Coles,, Trail Steward Coordinator, 136 Beach 117th St Ocean Grande Unit 201 (2A), Rockaway Park, NY 11694.

The following are examples of trails available for you to adopt today.

  • Catamount Mountain Trail
  • Clamshell Canoe Carry
  • Fish Pond Connector ski trail
  • Giligan Mtn.
  • Haystack – Raybrook Jctn. to Jack Rabbit Trail
  • Hedgehog Pond Trail
  • Hitchins Pond Overlook Trail
  • Hopkins
  • Indian Pass Trail – Upper Works to Cold Pass BrookTrail
  • Little Clear to St. Regis Pnd. (canoe carry)
  • Low’s Lake to Big Deer Pnd. (canoe carry)
  • McKenzie Mtn. Trail
  • Moose Pond – Saranac Lake
  • Nine Corner Trail –  Rte 29A to Nine Corner Lake
  • Northville-Placid Trail – Duck Hole to Moose Pond
  • Northville-Placid Trail – Stephens Pond L-T to Browns Brook
  • Northville-Placid Trail – Sucker Brook Trail Junction to West Canada Creek
  • Old Farm Clearing to Puffer Pond
  • Orebed Trail
  • Phelps Trl./Slant Rock
  • Porter Mountain – From Garden to Summit
  • Range Trail – Orebed to Haystack Brook
  • Saginaw Bay Canoe Carry – Middle & Upper Saranac Lakes
  • Scarface Mtn.
  • Shallow Lake
  • Shorey Shortcut
  • Springhill Ponds
  • Tongue Mtn. – Fifth Peak
  • Van Hoevenburg Trail – HPIC to Mt. Marcy
  • Whiteface Mtn. via Connery Pnd. & Whiteface Landing #81