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3 Things to Know about Winter Hiking Above Tree Line


Tree line: the line or altitude above which no trees grow. Many popular summits in the Adirondack High Peaks Wilderness—namely Cascade, Wright, Algonquin, and Marcy—have sections of trail that are completely exposed above tree line. While this offers astounding views of the surrounding landscape, it also brings with it important READ MORE

Ticks in Winter


The following appeared in the 2020 Jan/Feb issue of Adirondac Magazine By Dr. Richard Ostfeld Photographs courtesy of Cary Institute/Pamela Freeman The black-legged ticks that infect us with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases disappear in winter, right? Not entirely. Although we are less likely to get a tick bite in READ MORE

A Day with JBL’s Winter Caretakers


Alpenglow is just beginning to grace the distinctive snow-covered slides on Gothics. Leaning on the porch handrail, a guest at Johns Brook Lodge holds a steaming mug of coffee while watching the morning spectacle unfold. Perhaps even more potent: the silence, enhanced by the muffling effect of snow, which blankets READ MORE

Cross-Country Skiing at the Adirondak Loj


November 20, 2019 The winter season is here. And that means ski season is nearly here. It has been a long eight months since I last clipped in to my cross-country skis, but it is finally almost time. Here at the Adirondak Loj and Heart Lake Program Center, we have READ MORE

Winter Leave No Trace Tips


By Amy Harff, 2018 ADK Fall Education Intern Whether you are winter camping, snowshoeing or skiing, Leave No Trace principles can help keep you safe and minimize your impact on the wilderness. Cold temperatures and snow make preparing for your next adventure even more imperative. Here are the seven principles READ MORE

Winter “Facilitrees”: How to Go in the Snow


By Amy Harff, 2018 Fall Education Intern Carrying out your waste might not be glamorous, but if you enjoy winter hiking or backpacking, it is an important part of your adventure when facilities like an outhouse aren’t available. Actually, packing out your poop in the winter isn’t so bad, as READ MORE

Hibernation is no Vacation


The Nitty-gritty of Black Bear Hibernation in the Adirondacks By Sadye Bobbette, 2018 ADK Fall Education Intern During the warmer months in the Adirondacks, hungry black bears actively search for food to accommodate their 15,000 to 20,000 calories-a-day needs. With preparing for winter a chief concern, they will eat everything READ MORE

ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) Offers Free Winter Naturalist Series


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: For More Information:  Julia Goren Education Director (518) 523-3480 x 19 summit@adk.org Danna Libbey Outreach Intern (518) 523-3480 x 20 danna@adk.org January 4, 2018 (Lake Placid, NY) Come connect with the world outside through ADK's winter community hikes or be cozy by the fire and learn something READ MORE

Outside Our Comfort Zones


After a sleepless night of camping out in single digit temperatures, my legs, back and brain were beginning to protest as I neared the summit of Phelps Mountain. Behind me, my co-leader, Seth and the three teenage boys we were guiding were getting battered by wind speeds of up to READ MORE

First Mt. Marcy Ski


  The Adirondacks received 18+" of fresh snow in the High Peaks region March 12th-13th so I decided it was time to ski Mt. Marcy for the first time with friends and fellow co-workers Brendan Wiltse (Johns Brook Property Coordinator) and Chris Beans (Trails Food Coordinator). We had to break trail from READ MORE