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Mike Douglas, Gary Koch and Jim Mosher: 30 YEARS of lean-to stewardship and still counting!


The lean-to is wonderfully expressive of the spirit and traditions of these vast mountain lands. To approach one after a day of adventure is to find a mute, yet impelling invitation to chum with Nature, to enjoy intimate communion with the woods and to become an active participant in the READ MORE

2014 Adirondack Trails Part I


The 2013 field season was one to remember. Not for the 2-3 feet of snow that blanketed the High Peaks region on Memorial Day Weekend or the seemingly endless rainfall in June or the incredibly wet trail conditions that were a result from said snow and rain, but for the READ MORE

The People of the Backcountry


The backcountry is a great equalizer, a place where people from all walks of life can put aside their differences.  They can focus on the joy of climbing a peak or the beauty of a waterfall.  The things that divide us are left behind, leaving only the unifying nature of READ MORE