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Our Favorite Shoulder Season Hikes: Western Adirondacks


Running from mid-October through early December and late March through May, shoulder season is a great time of year to explore low elevation hikes in the Adirondack Park. As the seasons shift, snow and ice packs are often unstable at higher elevations—especially in the High Peaks Wilderness—making for unsafe and READ MORE

Mud Season: Quick Facts


Just what is mud season? Running anytime from late March into mid-June—it varies each year depending on weather—mud season is when hiking trails in the Adirondacks are most susceptible to damage. Thanks to continuous waves of snow melt, mud becomes a constant on hiking trails, creating prime conditions for erosion. READ MORE

Responsible Hiking During Mud Season


It’s always surprising when I’m hiking along a trail and step into what I thought was a shallow mud puddle, only to suddenly let out a whoop of shock as mucky water swamps up above my ankles and goes into my boots. To some, the feeling of wet, mucky boots READ MORE

Mud Season: Adirondack’s Fifth Season


Locals living in mountain communities and the hollows below refer to it as the fifth season.  Wives tales stretch back to the horse and buggy days.  You can hear all the locals collectively breathe a sigh of relief, as this month long period offers them respite from seasonal workers and READ MORE