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Climate Change and the Future of Adirondack Alpine Zones


The following appeared in the 2021 Jan/Feb issue of Adirondac Magazine By Kevin Berend Spend any amount of time above treeline in the High Peaks and you’re sure to notice a few things: an abundance of exposed rock, the smell of soggy alpine soils, the rustling of dwarf shrubs, or READ MORE

ADK Commends Governor Cuomo’s Executive Budget for FY 2020-2021


Michael Barrett Executive Director 518-449-3870 (work) 573-355-6030 (cell) michael@adk.org Albany, NY – January 21st, 2020 – In the New York State Executive Budget Proposal released today, Governor Cuomo announced the most aggressive climate change agenda in the Nation, a $33 Billion 5-year plan to combat climate change, preserve the environment, READ MORE

Ticks in Winter


The following appeared in the 2020 Jan/Feb issue of Adirondac Magazine By Dr. Richard Ostfeld Photographs courtesy of Cary Institute/Pamela Freeman The black-legged ticks that infect us with Lyme and other tick-borne diseases disappear in winter, right? Not entirely. Although we are less likely to get a tick bite in READ MORE

Why Community Solar Is Important for Climate Change 


August 29th, 2019 Authored by Common Energy, a community solar provider Why Community Solar Is Important for Climate Change The realities of climate change become starker all the time. As global warming continues its rampage, experts say wildfires will increase, food shortages will become a reality, entire species will become READ MORE

Resilience, Climate Change, and You


As the issue of climate change becomes increasingly present in our daily lives so will the term resiliency. In reference to climate change, however, it is scientifically referred to as ecological resilience. This term is defined as the ability for an ecosystem to respond and recover from disturbance. Ecosystems that READ MORE