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How to Protect Your Backcountry Food—and You!


The following appeared in the 2020 Mar/Apr issue of Adirondac Magazine By Tom Hart My last gear review in Adirondac looked at freeze-dried food alternatives. Many of you let me know reading the article made you hungry! Guess who else likes the food you carry into the backcountry? Bears, pine READ MORE

Winter “Facilitrees”: How to Go in the Snow


By Amy Harff, 2018 Fall Education Intern Carrying out your waste might not be glamorous, but if you enjoy winter hiking or backpacking, it is an important part of your adventure when facilities like an outhouse aren’t available. Actually, packing out your poop in the winter isn’t so bad, as READ MORE

Mud Season: Adirondack’s Fifth Season


Locals living in mountain communities and the hollows below refer to it as the fifth season.  Wives tales stretch back to the horse and buggy days.  You can hear all the locals collectively breathe a sigh of relief, as this month long period offers them respite from seasonal workers and READ MORE

ADK Teenagers’ Backpacking Adventure


Forty-five miles from start to finish. I had been backpacking before, but never more than about ten miles total. This trip, I would be covering about ten miles a day, with a full pack. In July 2016, I participated in the ADK Advanced Teen Backpacking trip on the Northville-Placid (N-P) READ MORE

SteriPEN Ultra Review


As a long-distance hiker and ultralight backpacker I am always looking for lightweight, reliable, and robust gear to bring into the backcountry.  In 2007, while on the Appalachian Trail, I was exposed to the original SteriPEN.  A handful of hikers were using the ultraviolet pen shaped light to purify their READ MORE

A Bear Can: Use it or Lose it


If you have ever been to the Adirondack High Peaks Wilderness, you have probably heard about the infamous black bears and the bear resistant food canister that is used to protect your food.  Since 2005, these containers, or “cans” as most people call them, have been a mandatory item for READ MORE