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Plan Ahead and Prepare: Packing the Ten Essentials


As you pack for your next outdoor adventure, ask yourself: if I get hurt or lost, do I have what I need to survive a night in the backcountry? If you have packed the Ten Essentials, then your answer should be “yes”! What are the Ten Essentials? The Ten Essentials READ MORE

Backcountry Water Monitoring: The World Beneath My Boat


By Maggie Newell, Backcountry Water Monitoring Trip Leader What are you looking for in a paddling trip? Do you prefer to meander up winding rivers or to pond hop through the St. Regis canoe area? When I started paddling Adirondack waters, I reveled in mountain views across open lakes and READ MORE

Soap, Water and Sanitizing Gel: How to Keep Your Hands Clean in the Backcountry


The following appeared in the 2020 May/Jun issue of Adirondac Magazine By Tom Welch, M.D. Regular readers of this column and my other writings know that I view maintaining good hand sanitation as the key to most illness prevention in the backcountry—as well as everywhere else. What may not be READ MORE

A Day with JBL’s Winter Caretakers


Alpenglow is just beginning to grace the distinctive snow-covered slides on Gothics. Leaning on the porch handrail, a guest at Johns Brook Lodge holds a steaming mug of coffee while watching the morning spectacle unfold. Perhaps even more potent: the silence, enhanced by the muffling effect of snow, which blankets READ MORE

#LeaveNoTraceWithADK: Social Media and the Backcountry


While navigating the spellbinding terrain along the Pacific Crest Trail, I found it difficult to resist the temptation to take photos. Each endless vista around each corner was more jaw-dropping than the last! As I hiked onward, smartphone in hand, impermanence was weighed against the magnitude of the moment. “After READ MORE

A Different View from the Top


Elie and I lean against a boulder at the exposed section of trail, drawing in crisp mountain air as we take in the sprawling vista. It's another short, wooded stretch of hiking until the trail splits between Cascade and Porter Mountains, but we always make it a point to sit READ MORE

High School Trail Projects


These 5-day trail projects are reserved for high school-aged teenagers (ages 14-17) who have a desire to spend a week in the woods camping in the backcountry and to experience trail work. Parents will drop off and pick up their teens at our basecamp in Lake Placid unless otherwise specified. READ MORE

Johns Brook Lodge (JBL), 92 years and counting


From May until October every year, guests with a myriad of skills and backgrounds make the 3.5-mile pilgrimage to Johns Brook Lodge (JBL). Most come looking for a comfortable place to stay and hearty meals to fuel their adventures while spending a few nights with the nearby music of Johns READ MORE