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Alpine Spring


Alpine plants are the sprinters of the plant world. In the Adirondacks, they have about sixty frost-free days a year in which to bloom and store energy before winter returns. Once the snow and ice start to melt in May, alpine plants begin photosynthesizing immediately. Another adaptation is that alpine READ MORE

Julia Goren: New York’s Rarest Alpine Flower


  Every June I try to make it up to the summit of either Algonquin or Marcy to take in the vibrant colors of the first alpine flowers in bloom.  I usually see lapland rosebay, a pink alpine rhododendron, or Diapensia, a deep green mound with petite white flowers.  If READ MORE

Wow! Boundary’s Dr. Ketch Boardwalk Project is complete!


This past June, ADK’s Professional Trail Crew spent four weeks building over 400 feet of bog-bridges on both sides of Boundary Peak! No, it’s not to keep climbers’ boots nice and dry. It’s all part of Dr. Edwin H. Ketchledge’s (1924-2010) long term plan for the Algonquin-Iroquois traverse, his favorite READ MORE

Oh baby, it’s cold outside!


If you’ve been up above treeline, you know that it can be an extreme environment in any season. Winds are fierce, temperatures are cold, clouds can render the visibility to nothing in a blink of an eye—and that’s just in the summer! Winter takes it to a whole new level READ MORE