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Seasonal Staff Training: Creating ADK Superstars


Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) impacts people all over the Northeast, but nowhere is this more directly evident than through its North Country (NC) facilities and programs. The heart of the NC operations team during the busy summer season are our incredible seasonal staff. These fine young people are mostly college READ MORE

Julia Goren: New York’s Rarest Alpine Flower


  Every June I try to make it up to the summit of either Algonquin or Marcy to take in the vibrant colors of the first alpine flowers in bloom.  I usually see lapland rosebay, a pink alpine rhododendron, or Diapensia, a deep green mound with petite white flowers.  If READ MORE

A Southern Belle’s First Winter


I am from the south, the real south, not the Catskills or New Jersey but from below the Mason-Dixon Line. I was born in Conway, South Carolina but due to my father’s occupation lived in many places across the south including Georgetown, South Carolina; Bastrop, Louisiana; Memphis, Tennessee and a READ MORE

Adirondack Artist Inspiration


There are many reasons people travel, though when the Adirondacks is a destination these reasons narrow greatly. The biggest attraction this 6 million acre park has to offer has always been the beauty and tranquility of nature. The Adirondacks are an often unforgiving landscape from which we can learn a READ MORE