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Soap, Water and Sanitizing Gel: How to Keep Your Hands Clean in the Backcountry


The following appeared in the 2020 May/Jun issue of Adirondac Magazine By Tom Welch, M.D. Regular readers of this column and my other writings know that I view maintaining good hand sanitation as the key to most illness prevention in the backcountry—as well as everywhere else. What may not be READ MORE

View from the Summit


In the nearly four decades that I have done conservation advocacy for ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club), no single issue has occupied more of my efforts than the battle to reduce acid deposition in the Adirondacks.  In 1985, ADK worked hard to pass New York’s pioneering State Acid Rain Control Act READ MORE

View From Albany: Environmental Bill of Rights


Environmental Bill of Rights For the past two years, a bill that is incredibly important for the health of communities and the environment has been flying through the New York State Assembly but grinding to a dead stop in the Senate. The Environmental Bill of Rights is a concurrent resolution READ MORE

Colden: A Mountain of Trail Work Part II


In the November-December 2014 issue of Adirondac magazine, we reported on the achievements of the first year of a four-year trail improvement project on Mt. Colden. This past spring a helicopter made no less than a half-dozen trips from Upper Works, under the supervision of Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), to READ MORE