Current Campaigns

We Can Build Better Trails

Each trail is a story. From trailhead to summit, the paths beneath our feet tell us something about the place we are visiting, the people who have come before us, and ourselves. With over 2,000 miles of trails, the Adirondack Park contains a great legacy within its vast network. Today that story is in jeopardy, and we need your help to save it. Read more…


A Year of Change: Thank You.

This past year, ADK was forced to make difficult decisions in response to the pandemic, including closing facilities like Johns Brook Lodge, reducing the number of seasonal positions in our Summit Stewardship Program, and canceling our volunteer trail programs. But our commitment never waned. With your support, we were able to make the necessary adjustments so that summits still had stewards, trails were maintained, and more hikers entered the backcountry prepared for their adventure. Read more…


With Your Help, We Can Find a Balance.

Adirondack headlines are painting a bleak picture: High use in the High Peaks, litter on the trail, cars parked along busy roads, increasing hiker rescues. Are there drawbacks to high use? Yes, and they absolutely must be addressed. But good can also come from more visitors to our majestic Adirondacks. Read more…


Your Support Has Never Mattered More

These unprecedented times weigh heavily on each and every one of us. We hope you and yours are healthy, staying safe, and finding moments of happiness during this crisis.

Though our collective attention has rightly turned to the most immediate and basic needs, we ask you to remember that our beloved wild places still need you. Read more…


Help Protect Wild Places

Your gift ensures ADK’s continued conservation of the Adirondack Forest Preserve and other lands and waters of New York State. With your support, ADK advocates locally and statewide for access to public lands and recreational waterways, and to protect them from threats such as aquatic invasive species, pollutants, and exploitation.


Summit Stewardship Program

You and I have something in common: our love of the Adirondack Mountains.  We are awed by their beauty and lured by their wild, natural state.  We are also keenly aware that, despite their stoic and unyielding façade, our Adirondack Mountains are vulnerable.  Heavy use puts the High Peaks Wilderness, especially the rare alpine summits, at risk.  But together we can, and have, reduced that impact.  Read more…


Education Campaign

Your donation today will allow the next generation of conservationists to get out there and fall in love with nature. You decide if you want to help younger children or teenagers. No matter which you choose, you are making a difference – being their hero!


Three Seasons at Heart Lake

If you agree that ADK needs to reach the next generation and that students need time in nature, then please make your gift today. If you have ever wondered how kids today can live near New York State’s remarkable wild forest preserves and not know an eft from an elbow, then join us as we introduce them to the gift the state’s forebearers left for us all. Soon the wild waters and lands will be theirs to protect. Your gift today means 300 children will be better prepared to assume this responsibility.


Sustain ADK’s Heart Lake and Johns Brook Properties

Your donation will help ADK care for its essential Heart Lake and Johns Brook properties. These beloved places are steeped in Adirondack tradition, provide unforgettable wilderness experiences, and are central to ADK’s mission to teach responsible recreation and stewardship. With your gift, ADK is better able to serve and educate property visitors and guests now and into the future.


Neil F. Woodworth Conservation Fund

When wilderness is threatened, ADK is poised to protect it. For the past 30 years, Neil Woodworth has led that charge with unrivaled passion and a keen understanding of the land and the law. His steadfast leadership has positioned ADK as a formidable voice for the protection of the Forest Preserve and other public lands and waters of New York State. The newly established Neil F. Woodworth Conservation Fund furthers that mission, honors Neil’s contributions, and ensures ADK will continue to successfully advocate for wild places.

The Neil F. Woodworth Conservation Fund is an invested fund restricted for the purposes of conservation and advocacy, supporting varied expenses that arise from efforts to protect public lands throughout New York State.

Donate to the Neil F. Woodworth Conservation Fund

Wilderness Legal Defense Fund

The ADK Wilderness Legal Defense Fund was established to ensure that ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) is able to pursue legal actions in a timely manner to protect our precious natural resources. ADK’s victory over the Lows Lake wilderness classification was a result of such necessary legal action. Legal battles are expensive and often take a long period of time. This fund readies ADK to take legal action, if and when necessary. ADK Wilderness Legal Defense Fund is being managed by Adirondack Foundation (previously Adirondack Community Trust).



Your gift to AmazonSmiles helps protect and advocate for New York State’s wild lands and waters while also teaching people who to enjoy natural places responsibly.

Contact Karim Becker at 518-668-4447 ext. 227 for information about making a gift of stock or other assets.