Sunrise from Mt. Marcy
Sunrise from Mt. Marcy

I first heard about people skiing Mt. Marcy while I was a High Peaks Summit Steward in 2008 and ever since then the thought of being able to ski all the way down New York’s tallest summit has intrigued me.   I made it to the Hopkin’s junction last year, just 1.2 miles away from the summit of Marcy, but the 18” of fresh snow that my group broke trail through completely exhausted us so we decided to turn around.

There was another opportunity this past Tuesday (March 10) to ski Mt. Marcy for sunrise with my friend Brendan Wiltse.  We figured the warmer temperatures, good snow cover and a later sunrise with daylight savings time would make for a perfect opportunity to attempt a ski to the summit of Mt. Marcy. With an early morning start, the miles slid by in a mild haze as we methodically skied up to the summit of Mt. Marcy.  We caught sunrise just above the Phelps junction.  Energized by the early morning light we continued up to the summit after taking a few photos of the sun peeking through the clouds.  Brendan and I were surprised when we were not the only ones taking in the sunrise – an American Marten was traversing the summit with us.

I was definitely nervous about the ski down.  This is not an easy ski and one that should only be attempted by intermediate-advanced skiers.  I knew I was going to be challenged but being able to take in the early morning light spilling across the mountains was well worth it.  I hope you enjoy the photos from the adventure.

phelps junction Mt. Marcy
Just above the Phelps junction


summit Mt. Marcy
Making our way to the summit


skiing Mt. Marcy


summit of Mt. Marcy
Summit of Mt. Marcy looking at MacIntyre Range


skiing bowl of Mt. Marcy
Skiing the “bowl” of Mt. Marcy


skiing bottom bowl of Mt. Marcy
Bottom of the “bowl


skiing false summit Mt. Marcy
Brendan skiing of the false summit


Mt. Marcy indian falls
View from Indian Falls