Volunteer in the Backcountry

Adopt a Lean-to

The Adopt a Lean-to Program, created in 1985, continues to be a great success. Adopters visit their respective lean-tos at least twice a season to perform basic maintenance and clean-up duties, maintain registers, and note major repairs needed. Many adopters also assist DEC staff in completing more intensive projects such as roof replacement, privy relocation, and structural work.

For more information about this program, please contact Hilary Moynihan, ADK Adopt-a-Lean-to Coordinator, at adkleanto@gmail.com.

Click Here for 2020 Adoption Information and Duties

Adopt a Wildland

With 3 million acres of public land within the “Blue Line,” there are a lot of special spots that don’t always get the attention they need. Wildland adopters are folks who can take time to visit some of these less-traveled areas and report back on their condition. Some help locate and remove dumpsites and other littered areas.

Wildland adopters are the eyes on the ground where DEC staff seldom gets to visit. Several ADK chapters have adopted large areas and make regular visits to note their condition. For more information and to get involved, contact  Cathy Pedler, cathy@adk.org, 518-449-3870.