National Trails Day


June 6, 2020 – Lake Placid, NY

You are all invited to celebrate National Trails Day® with ADK on June 6. ADK will be hosting eight different trail projects that vary in difficulty to ensure there is something for everybody.

This year’s event will improve trails at the Adirondak Loj and Heart Lake Program Center in Lake Placid, NY. ADK is excited to host this event and to be partnering with our Lake Placid Chapter to help make it possible.

ADK is offering free camping at the Wilderness Campground for all registered participants on both Friday and Saturday nights (ADK has reserved a set number of sites).

On Friday evening from 6-8 PM, there will be a social gathering for trail volunteers with snacks and beverages next to the Adirondak Loj. Information about Saturday’s trail projects will be available along with a chance to meet crew leaders and fellow volunteers.

At the end of the work day on Saturday, all trail volunteers are invited to a recognition dinner. Look forward to a delicious meal, live music, and fun prizes.


Where: Adirondak Loj & Heart Lake Program Center, Lake Placid NY

When: 8 am to 3:30 pm. Meeting locations will be included in the registration packet.  This event is free of charge for all participants; donations appreciated.

Trail Projects:

  1. Jo Long Trail sidecutting: During the trail work day at the Mt Jo Long trail, the focus will be to establish a new trail corridor. Participants will sidecut and remove blowdown along the new route. Total hiking distance: 2 miles round trip.
  2. Jo Long Trail benching: The crew will work to cut a new benched trail to the summit of Mt. Jo. Hand tools will be used to create the trail.  Total hiking distance: 2 miles round trip.
  3. Jo Long Trail rock turnpiking: Several large stones will be placed along the edge of the new trail corridor. After these stones are placed, crushed stones and mineral soil will be imported and laid on the trail. The crew will use only hand tools to complete this project.  Total hiking distance: 2 miles.
  4. Van Hoevenberg bridge maintenance: During the trail work day on the Van Hoevenberg trail, the crew will be repairing some of the piers and decking on a bridge spanning the McIntyre Brook. Total hiking distance: 1 mile.
  5. Jo kiosk installation: A new kiosk will be installed near the Mt. Jo trailhead. The materials will be pre-fabricated, and pre-stained. The crew will remove and dispose of the olds kiosk and signage. They will then assemble the new kiosk in its place.  Total hiking distance: 1 mile.
  6. ADK Property Trail Marking: New trail markers will be put up on all of the ADK property trails. Volunteers will split up into small groups and tackle individual trails.  All tools and hardware will be provided.  Total Hiking distance: 3-5 miles.
  7. South Camp Trail: A crew will improve the South Shore Trail by re-routing some sections and hardening others with stone.  Total hiking distance: 2 miles.
  8. Marge Tierney trail resurfacing: One of The Adirondak Loj property trails offers people with disabilities the ability to access some beautiful views of Heart Lake. Volunteers will be spreading and compacting stone dust on this trail so that it continues to be usable to people of all abilities. Total hiking distance 1 mile.