Adopt A Lean-to

ADK’s 2019 Adopt a Lean-to Lottery

Here is a list of lean-tos

  • Mud Lake – Silver Lake Wilderness/Hamilton County
  • Andy’s Creek – Pigeon Lake Wilderness/Hamilton County
  • O’Neil Flow – Blue Mountain Wild Forest/Hamilton County
  • West Canada Cree – West Canada Lake Wilderness/Hamilton County
  • Pillsbury Lake – West Canada Lake Wilderness/Hamilton County
  • Sampson Lake – West Canada Lake Wilderness/Hamilton County
  • Lapland Pond – Lake George Wild Forest/Washington County
  • Slant Rock – High Peaks Wilderness/Essex County
  • Pharaoh Lake #1 – Pharaoh Lake Wilderness/Essex County

Potential adopters can send a postcard or letter indicating the lean-to(s) of their choice (no more than 3) to: Hilary Moynihan, 129 Virginia Pl, Saratoga Springs, NY  12866, or send an email to

The drawing will be held Monday, April 8th 9:00 AM. All entrants will be notified of the results. For further information on the available lean-tos, including location and trail description, please visit, or contact me at the above email address.


          • Visit lean-to at least twice during the year.
          • Clean leaves and dirt from roof and away from contact with base logs.
          • Remove any dangerous nails.
          • Sweep out and clean lean-to.
          • Maintain adequate drainage away from lean-to site.
          • Clean the water source, especially if it is a spring.
          • Remove trash and debris, and pack out those items you cannot, or should not, burn.
          • Sweep and clean privy, and put a layer of leaves or other organic material on waste in privy.
          • Check condition of trail and report bad blowdown and missing signs to Hilary Moynihan, ADK Adopt-a-Lean-to Coordinator (contact information below) who will forward it to the appropriate DEC contact person. This information should also be noted on the end of season report.
          • Report the need for repairs of the lean-to.  This would include the foundation, floor, walls, and roof; and whether you could make the repairs if materials were supplied to the site.  Please notify Hilary for possible new requirements regarding such work. This information should also be noted on the end of season report.
          • Clean and repair the fire ring at lean-tos not in the Eastern High Peaks Zone.  PLEASE NOTE:  The High Peaks Unit Management Plan now bans fires in the Eastern High Peaks Zone – “that portion of the High Peaks Wilderness Area located to the east of the ridge line immediately west of the Indian Pass Trail.”  There are to be no fire rings at lean-tos in the Eastern High Peaks Zone.
          • Outside the Eastern High Peaks Zone, leave a supply of firewood in a dry place. (Optional)
          • If privy is full, contact Wes for details.  PLEASE NOTE:  Moving a privy site is a group effort and requires DEC approval.
          • The lean-to register should be in a protective bag (large heavy-duty baggie) with a few pens and/or pencils.  The register is to be left in the lean-to all year.  Report any information in the register that might be of interest or use to ADK or DEC.

Please notify Hilary Moynihan whenever the register is damaged, missing, or needs to be replaced. Hilary will provide you with a new register.  Please return the old register to her:

Hilary Moynihan
ADK Adopt-a-Lean-to Coordinator
129 Virginia Pl
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
(518) 581-4061

It is important to return the required reports you are sent. These include:
(1) the year-end summary form after your last work visit for the year; and
(2) the agreement to adopt the lean-to for next year if you wish to readopt the lean-to for next year.

The forms should also be sent to Hilary. These forms will be sent to you by October.

Thank you and enjoy the woods!