Current Campaigns

Trails Campaign

Tenacity is the heart and soul of ADK’s Trail Crews, and your love of the trails makes their remarkable work possible year after year.  Your gift to ADK’s Trail Program keeps trails passable and sustainable and ensures these skills are handed down to the next generation, as well as helping to fund the Supervised Trail Program, allowing ADK to maintain more trails than ever would be possible without volunteers.  Give $50 or more today and receive the exclusive Trails Supporter decal for your vehicle to show off your love of trails! Read More.


Support ADK Advocacy

ADK is determined to keep several thousand empty rail cars from being stored in the heart of the Adirondack Park, but we need your help. Say “NO” to abandoned rail cars in the Adirondacks! If we do not prevent them, old oil tankers could be the sight along the river valleys of the Hudson, Boreas, and Opalescent Rivers. Give today to support ADK’s advocacy efforts and protect the wild lands and waters you love. Read more.


Education Campaign

Your donation today will allow the next generation of conservationists to get out there and fall in love with nature. You decide if you want to help younger children or teenagers. No matter which you choose, you are making a difference – being their hero!



Three Seasons at Heart Lake

If you agree that ADK needs to reach the next generation and that students need time in nature, then please make your gift today. If you have ever wondered how kids today can live near New York State’s remarkable wild forest preserves and not know an eft from an elbow, then join us as we introduce them to the gift the state’s forebearers left for us all. Soon the wild waters and lands will be theirs to protect. Your gift today means 300 children will be better prepared to assume this responsibility.


Summit Stewardship Program

Donors who support the Summit Stewards are helping protect twenty-seven of New York’s rare, threatened, and endangered alpine plant species, an important component in fulfilling our Stewardship Mission.

Summit Stewards work atop Mt. Marcy and Algonquin every day of the week, five months of the year, and are positioned on seven other peaks throughout the season. Summit stewarding is hard, sometimes dangerous work, but it is sweetened by beautiful vistas. Although they may be wet, cold, tired, and talked-out, they will still say hello to you and engage you in conversation, hoping you will ask a question or want to listen as they interpret for you.

Your gift protects fragile alpine plants from hiker trampling. Some of these plants are so rare they are at risk of extinction.


Wilderness Legal Defense Fund

The ADK Wilderness Legal Defense Fund was established to ensure that ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) is able to pursue legal actions in a timely manner to protect our precious natural resources. ADK’s victory over the Lows Lake wilderness classification was a result of such necessary legal action. Legal battles are expensive and often take a long period of time. This fund readies ADK to take legal action, if and when necessary. ADK Wilderness Legal Defense Fund is being managed by Adirondack Foundation (previously Adirondack Community Trust).



Your gift to AmazonSmiles helps protect and advocate for New York State’s wild lands and waters while also teaching people who to enjoy natural places responsibly.

Contact Lynn Shanks at 518.668.4447 ext. 23 for information about making a gift of stock or other assets.


Mail your donation to:
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