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We Were There


World War II Stories from the Adirondacks Greatest generation

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Dr Daniel Way states: As a primary care physician I have met many war veterans over the past 30 years, including two who fought in the First World War. I have listened to men recount experiences that are so far beyond our generations’ imagining that they would be hard to believe, if it wasn’t documented in history books…If I expressed to these veterans a sense of romantic admiration for their exploits, I was cut off with a stern look that said: you weren’t there. They collectively affirm the truth of General W T Sherman’s Civil War assessment that “war is hell.”

General Douglas MacArthur famously said “Old soldiers never die, they just fade away.” By documenting their stories I hope to honor these veterans by immortalizing them, at least on paper, so they never fade away. Many have already passed on since the stories in this book were written. I present these histories of soldiers, seamen, and citizens who were directly involved on the Second World War, including a little of their background from before the war, and an account of their lives after the conflict ended. They all have one thing in common; they can all say, “We were there.”

Paperback, 8 3/4  x 11, 160 pages