National Trails Day® was a success this year with over one hundred volunteers working on trails in the High Peaks Region. Many of the projects focused on addressing the increase in improper disposal of human waste in the High Peaks.  New outhouses were installed at the Cascade Trailhead, the Mr. Van Lean-to, at Avalanche Camps and also at the Wright-Algonquin junction. ADK trail volunteers hardened popular sections of trail on the way to Mt. Marcy, Avalanche Lake and also replaced a dilapidated board walk over MacIntyre Brook.  One group worked on the mountain biking trails off of Hardy Road in Wilmington, NY.   The post work day celebration at the Adirondak Loj was enjoyed by all with delicious food, beverages and excellent music by Intrinsic Dance. 

Thank you to all of our partners and sponsors that helped make this event possible!

Would you like to work on the trails that you love? Check out our full volunteer trail work schedule here.