For over 30 years ADK (Adirondack Mountain Club) has been inviting high school students to participate in five-day trail projects throughout New York.  These projects take place in immersive backcountry settings, where participants live, work, and learn.  Each project is led by a pair of experienced leaders who guide the participants throughout the week.  As a team, the group hikes into the backcountry to establish a basecamp for the week, carrying with them everything they need to live and work outside. Once camp is established, the crew sets out on rehabilitating damaged trails.  With the use of only non-motorized hand tools, the group constructs trail features designed to mitigate natural resource damage.  Each step of the way, leaders instruct the team on the safe operation of the tools, and why the work is important in protecting the natural resources.  In addition to the work, the trip leaders set aside time throughout the week to give informative talks about the region’s history, and how that has shaped the landscape around them.   It is our goal to have each student walk away from the trip feeling like their hard work has resulted in tangible results as well as a new sense of appreciation for our wild places.


Packing into Campsite


Lean-to Campsite


Cutting down a tree that was approved by the NYS DEC for the trail project.


Debarking tree for installation.


Completed bog bridges


You can register for high school trail projects here.