EngagementThe sun was shining bright on top of Algonquin and Wright Peak on June 20th, 2015. There was a light breeze with summit temperatures in the lower 60’s. Jen Maguder was the Summit Steward on top of Algonquin and volunteer Chrissy Dagenais was stewarding Wright peak. That day those two Summit Stewards spoke to over 350 hikers. Saturdays are always busy with large hiking crowds but there was one couple who stood out.

Brian Waldman and Brooke Heidecorn were up from New York City vacationing in the Adirondack Park so that Brian could hike his first High Peak,  “I consider the Adirondacks my second home. When we started dating I wanted to bring Brian up there, too. He fell in love with it also,” Brooke says. On June 20th, they decided to hike Algonquin and Wright. What Brooke didn’t know was that Brian had a surprise for her. He was going to propose.

On top of Algonquin, Jen came up to the couple to talk about the fragile alpine vegetation and the importance of staying on the rocks. She asked them if they had ever met a Summit Steward before. This was Brian’s first time meeting one but Brooke had met a steward on Cascade a few years ago. Summit Stewards offer their services whether it’s answering questions or using their expert picture taking skills. Brian then asked Jen if she could video tape them. There was excitement in the air, as Jen started recording Brian proposed to Brooke. Brooke said, “YES!”

Summer15 1 198Brian and Brooke decided to add to their special day by hiking another mountain, Wright peak. This is where they got into trouble. Brian’s boots decided to start falling apart on top of Wright. Luckily, Chrissy was there to assist by taping Brian’s boots together with medical tape from her First Aid kit. “She was a life saver,” Brooke says. After congratulating them on their engagement, Chrissy told them to check out the plane crash but be careful of the alpine vegetation. Brian and Brooke thanked Chrissy for all of her help and started descending the mountain.

The Adirondack Mountain Club congratulates Brooke and Brian on their engagement! Their wedding is scheduled for August 6th, 2016.