ADK member Mark Engelbert is the 2016 i-did-a-lot challenge winner!

Mark cycled past stunning scenery on his way to completing his second ididaride! Adirondack Bike Tour in July. Then, two weeks later he returned to the Adirondack Park with a team of 12 runners to finish the Peak 2 Brew relay race. Mark describes the i-did-a-lot challenge as an amazing experience because he got to see the park in two unique ways. Cycling past all the gorgeous scenery on the ididaride! course last year made Mark want to return this year. He’s glad he did because the weather was perfect this time. He had his doubts as he drove through the rain to get to the ski bowl at Gore Mountain, but from the moment the ride started to the last few hills he enjoyed all 75 miles.


Mark is not likely to forget running through the park late at night under the stars. His team shared one van and had to run in stifling heat. At times Mark could feel the heat of the asphalt coming up through his sneakers. Through all 230 plus miles, he and his team kept each other going. He tells us, “they were phenomenal”.

Mark used the i-did-a-lot challenge to train for his first marathon. His advice for anyone thinking of doing both events next year is to, “Give it a try and don’t give up.” To thank him for working so hard to help protect wild places, we’re sending Mark a personalized i-did-a-lot t-shirt. He’s earned it!