Open to all ages, camp near the trail project and work on a section of trail as a team. Arrive at base camp on Sunday evening for dinner & orientation. The participation fee is at the end each project description.  Your fee helps cover costs for food, transportation, equipment, tools and supervision.

Great Camp Sagamore
JUNE 12-16

Work will include installing bog bridging and creating sections of new trail. Anticipate getting your feet wet for this project.  Meals will be prepared by the staff at the Great Camp Sagamore.  The crew will staying at the historic Camp Sagamore in Raquette Lake.  Participants will arrive during the mid-morning on Monday, and depart in the mid-afternoon on Friday.   There is a $345 participation fee.

Elk Lake
JUNE 19-22

There will be a variety of projects that are possibilities for the Elk Lake trip this year.  Work may include bridging, turnpiking, rock work, or brushing out trail.  Please feel free to inquire about the work details once we get closer the start date.  Meals will be prepared by the staff at the Elk Lake Lodge.  The crew will be staying in one of the rooms at the Elk Lake Lodge.  There is a $345 participation fee.

Johns Brook Lodge
JUNE 19-23

Work will include replacing bog bridging, re-routing an eroded section of trail, and patrolling trails surrounding the John’s Brook Valley.  Participants will meet their Crew Leaders at the Marcy Field parking area in Keene.  Once everyone is rallied, the crew leaders will shuttle everyone to the Garden trailhead in Keene Valley.   The crew will then hike 3.5 miles to the Johns Brook Lodge, carrying with them all of their personal gear, food, and group gear.  Participants will be staying at the Johns Brook Lodge, all meals will be prepared by ADK staff.  There is a $300 participation fee.

Long Lake Canoe Trip
AUGUST 13-17

Relocating existing pit privies and the removal of litter from campsites that are alongside Long Lake will be the main focus of the project. Participants will canoe a substantial distance every day to reach each lean-to. Depending upon how many privies need to be relocated, the crew may work on a trail project on a section of the Northville-Lake Placid Trail that parallels Long Lake. Arrive Sunday evening at base camp for dinner and orientation. As long as you specify at the time of registration, you have the option of meeting the crew at the Long Lake boat launch on Monday. Participants will be out of the woods late afternoon on Thursday. There is a $125 participation fee.