Marie L. Haberl School Outreach Program: Three Seasons at Heart Lake

Tom leads 3 Seasons Activity“We are almost there!”  The exhilaration is palpable near the rocky crest of Mt. Jo. While the backdrop of dramatic foliage signals another seasonal change in the valleys below, a familiar scene is unfolding at the Adirondack Mountain Club’s Heart Lake Program Center: an intrepid line of 4th graders has just made a tangible connection with the natural world that they will inherit.

Since 2003, educators at the Adirondack Mountain Club have facilitated the Marie L. Haberl School Outreach Program: Three Seasons at Heart Lake. Since its inception, this program has been imbued with the main tenets of Leave No Trace outdoor skills and ethics. Our goals are to teach students the skills they need to recreate safely and responsibly, to illuminate the wonders of the natural world during four classroom visits and three on-site adventures, and to stimulate a lifelong connection to the wild lands surrounding their communities. We aspire to spark a sense of stewardship in the next generation of local Adirondack elementary students. Tangible experiences and educational discovery dovetail to emphasize the power of Leave No Trace throughout our Three Seasons at Heart Lake program.

Participating Schools

  • Bloomingdale Elementary School
  • Boquet Valley Mountain View Elementary
  • Boquet Valley Lake View Elementary
  • Keene Central School
  • Keeseville Elementary School
  • Lake Placid Elementary School
  • Arthur P. Momot Elementary School
  • Oak Street Elementary School
  • St. Bernards School
  • St. Regis Falls Central School
  • Schroon Lake Central School
  • Petrova Elementary School
  • Long Lake Central School

“It fits the curriculum nicely. A lot of what is learned in this program appears on the New York State Science Exam for Grade 4.” – 4th Grade Teacher

“Dear Friends at ADK Loj; Thank you for a wonderful day. I enjoyed exploring nature. My Favorite part was figuring out what animal left the track” -4th Grade Student

2 masked Three Seasons Educators in Heart Lake

Ben Brosseau

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Bringing Heart Lake to your Backyard!

Video Series

This program is carried out through a series of five videos sent once a week via Google Drive. These videos will feature ADK educators covering specific interpretive messaging related to fall seasonal change, Leave No Trace outdoor skills and ethics, and science in order to inspire students to observe and engage in their own backyards. Teachers will be provided with extension activities that they can carry out at their own discretion. Activities and additional resources will be available on Google Drive. In addition to the videos and classroom activities facilitated by teachers, an accompanying naturalist journal aligns with fourth-grade curriculum, reinforcing various learning standards.

To learn more about this school outreach program contact:

Tom Manitta
Outreach Coordinator
Adirondack Mountain Club
PO Box 867
Lake Placid, NY 12946

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