ADK’s 2017 Annual Raffle features three exciting outdoor toys; a Hornbeck boat, a custom-built Salsa Blackborrow fat tire bike, and a 10’ Perception Sunrise kayak.

hornbeckboatNew Trick boat by Hornbeck
Hornbeck boats are referred to as as pack canoes, but they have many kayak features.  The paddler sits comfortably low in the boat, below water level, so body weight serves as stabilizing ballast.  This position also means less of the paddler’s body is exposed to the wind and serving as an unwanted sail.  The hull width is designed to be used with a double-bladed (kayak) paddle.  Every stroke is a power stroke, eliminating corrective strokes necessary with a single-bladed paddle.  The double-bladed paddle is a stabilizing brace in or near the water, on both sides at all times.  Hornbeck Boats are known for being light: most weigh less than 30 pounds.

Custom-Built 2015 Salsa Blackborow 1×11 Fat Tire Bike donated by Spa City Bicycleworks
Blackborow is our plus-size tire fatbike.  Designed specifically for five-inch tires mounted on 100mm rims, Blackborow maximizes flotation without sacrificing fantastic handling characteristics.  Beaches, dunes, blazing trail in a fresh snow fall, or bushwhacking from point A to point B; Blackborow’s combination of flotation, traction and handling makes riding across extremely soft surfaces possible.  At the heart of the Blackborow model is a heat-treated alloy frame made from 6066 tubing.  Aluminum is also very corrosion resistant, which makes it a great choice for a fatbike like Blackborow and the conditions it will likely be ridden in.  Mechanically formed triple- and double-butted tubing is used throughout the frame.  These specifically engineered internal thickness changes and external shaping combine to create a frame that is strong in the areas needed and stiff in the directions that matter.

2017 Raffle flyer- KayakPerception Sunrise 10’ kayak by EMS
Perfect for entry-level paddlers, the Perception Sunrise Kayaks provides worry-free manageability and easy handling to make it an ideal choice for smaller framed adults and children looking to paddle calm water.  The padded seat with adjustable backrest offers comfort and support, while the foot-brace system allows for quick and easy adjustment for a variety of leg lengths.  This kayak’s bungee deck rigging is perfect for holding a small dry bag. The storage hatch makes a convenient place to keep your lunch secure and dry along with any other necessities like your phone, sunscreen and car keys.

Get your tickets online today, by calling (518) 668-4447 or in the March-April issue of Adirondac. Drawing will be held July 31, 2017. Winners will be notified by phone.