Location: The Center of the Adirondack Park, from Chestertown to North Creek and north to Long Lake and Newcomb. Our chapter is made up of seasonal and year-round residents alike.

Home Chapter/Affiliate: When joining ADK you can designate the Cold River Chapter as your home chapter at no extra charge. You get the chapter’s newsletter and can vote at meetings. Members of other chapters can “affiliate” with the Cold River Chapter — which puts them on the newsletter email list — for an additional $5 sent to headquarters along with their membership dues.

Adirondack Paddle Pursuit: Sponsored by ADK Cold River Chapter, this program involves paddling on 48 large lakes, ponds and rivers or streams. There is a suggested list, but your favorites may be added. The brochure describing the program is available at area outfitters and at the ADK Headquarters in Lake George, or you can download the Adirondack Paddle Pursuit brochure. Use the form in the brochure to keep a log and send it to the below address when you are finished and you will be awarded your patch!

For more information you may also contact.

Anya Bickford
P.O. Box 274
Indian Lake, NY 12842
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Office Contact Email Phone
Co-Chair Greg Schaefer email 518-251-5451
Co-Chair Rose Cooper email
Director Ken Shea 518-669-6674
Director (Alt.) Harold Stackhouse
Treasurer Nancy Haggerty email  518-251-2481
Newsletter Editor Linda Hales
Membership Chair Ellen Collins email 518-352-7717
Outings Chairs Gail Gabriels
Judy Thomson
Conservation Chair Mike Prescott email 518-494-9633
At-Large Members Chris Rohner  email  646-270-1754
Ellen Schaefer