Adirondack Mountain Club (ADK) just completed its fall portion of the Three Seasons at Heart Lake School Outreach Program which is funded by the Marie L. Haberl Grant.  This fall, ADK educators worked with six schools in the Adirondacks, providing this program for over 240 4th graders.  The fall program focuses on being prepared for your hike, making naturalist observations and hiking to the top of Mt. Jo.  The following are a series of pictures of this program.

4th graders Heart Lake Program Center
Adirondack 4th graders get transported to ADK’s Heart Lake Program Center for a day of programming.
4th graders at Heart Lake
Students make naturalist observations on the shores of Heart Lake.

Elisa McIntosh with 4th graders
Education intern, Elisa McIntosh, gathers students in preparation for the day’s hike.
4th graders hike
The goal for the day is to hike to the summit of Mt. Jo.
Tom Manitta hiking with 4th graders
Education intern, Tom Manitta, talking about the route up Mt. Jo.
4th graders naturalist observations
Students using “deer ears” to make naturalist observations.
4th graders Mt. Jo
Students heading up the trail to Mt. Jo.
4th graders Leave No Trace
Leaders educate students about the importance of Leave No Trace and walking on durable surfaces.
4th graders Mt. Jo Summit
On the summit of Mt. Jo.
ADK's 2014 School Outreach Instructors
ADK’s 2014 School Outreach Instructors