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Skills Workshops

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 Winter at Heart LakeAdirondack Pack Baskets                                  
December 7  (Lake George)
December 14  (Lake Placid)
Create your own traditional Adirondack Pack Basket with the owners of Clear Creek Weavers, Bud Ziolkowski and Sandy Muller.  During this full-day course, skilled craftsmen will take you through the step-by-step instruction to weave your own pack basket from start to "skids”.  You’ll leave at the end of the day with a beautiful basket and a smile on your face!
Cost: $75 small. $85 large (Members receive 10% discount); includes instruction and materials.
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Lake Placid
Lake George

Map & Compass Fundamentals
October 11
This is a great refresher course or a good place to learn the basics of map and compass skills. This course offers an introduction to the fundamentals of map reading, identification of terrain features, compass use, and triangulation. You’ll go home with much more confidence in your ability to use a map and compass when it really counts!
Location: Heart Lake Program Center (Lake Placid)
Cost: $72 (Members receive 10% discount), Includes instruction and use of materials
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Wilderness First Aid
November 15-16
This in-depth course with Wilderness Medical Associates teaches students how to deal with medical emergencies when they are miles from help. The classes offer hands-on scenarios and lecture structure, through which students will learn to assess patients and become certified in wilderness first aid, CPR, and anaphylaxis training. Class time will be spent both inside and out.
Location: Heart Lake Program Center (Lake Placid)
Cost: $240, includes instruction and materials.
Package: $325, includes instruction, materials, meals, and lodging for 2 nights.
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November 15-16

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