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ADK Stewardship Programs

ADK and its members are committed stewards of New York’s special places, whether through protecting rare alpine vegetation on the highest summits, putting a new roof on a lean-to, or clearing blowdown from trails. Summit stewards, both paid and volunteer, care for New York’s rarest ecosystem through backcountry education and trail work. Backcountry stewards maintain trails, lean-tos, and wildlands.

Every year volunteers and employees put thousands of hours into stewardship of these areas we all enjoy!

Main Elements of ADK’s Stewardship Programs
Mission Statement
The mission of the Field Programs for the Adirondack Mountain Club is to promote land stewardship through the development and maintenance of a quality, all-encompassing trail system, while encouraging responsible use and protection of New York State’s Forest Preserve, parks, and other wild lands and waterways with a worldwide application.

Vision Statement
To develop, maintain, and complete a sustainable, first-class trail system in concert with public and private entities that includes not only hiking trails, but also alpine areas, canoe carries, mountain bike trails, ski trails, lean-tos, campsites, and trailheads throughout New York State’s Forest Preserve, parks, and other wild lands and waterways. With a developed constituency of dedicated staff and volunteers, the natural resource will be protected through professional trail management and field based educational programs. As a result, there will be safe, accessible trail corridors and backcountry facilities available for the public.

You can support ADK Stewardship with a gift to the High Peaks Summit Stewardship Program.

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