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High Peaks Information Center (HPIC) Lecture Series

ADK offers a wide variety of educational and cultural topics intended to increase awareness and appreciation of the environment, including presentations on natural history, backcountry recreation, Adirondack art, music, and history.

The Saturday evening lectures at the HPIC begin at 8 p.m. All programs are free and open to the public.

Adventure in the Capital District Wild Lands: Tales from a First Year Explorer.
June 7
This presentation will provide a lay-of-the-land synopsis of the summits and valleys of public land politics in the New York State Capitol. This lecture will include a casual report of the issues and projects covered by ADK’s Albany, Public Affairs office during the past year, including land classification, constitutional amendments,  legislative and budget skirmishes, and hydraulic fracturing. A forecast of the issues for the coming season and a description of opportunities to get involved in the intriguing world of conservation advocacy will provide an opportunity for a lively, interactive discussion.

Adirondack Wildflowers through the Seasons
June 14
Frank Lescinsky, from ADK's Northwoods Chapter, will walk us through the natural history, flower structures and unique features of wildflowers in the Adirondacks.  This visually pleasing presentation will give you a general understanding of the flowers that you will see along the trail or on the shore while you are hiking and paddling this summer in the Adirondacks.

Adirondack Wildness: Backpacking the Northville-Placid Trail
June 21
Stretching for a hundred and twenty-five miles, from the town of Benson to Lake Placid, the Northville-Placid Trail (N-P Trail) is a grand tour of the Adirondack Park’s most remote backcountry.  This meandering trail skirts numerous lakes, ponds and bogs while traversing forests left untouched for over a hundred years.  Walt McLaughlin, author of the Long Trail narrative Forest under my Fingernails and the recently published book The Allure of Deep Woods, shares his thoughts on the importance of wildness and touches upon the history of the Adirondacks as he recounts his own end-to-end walk along the N-P Trail.

Adirondack Architecture: Great Camps and the Rustic Tradition
June 28
Join Steve Engelhart, from Adirondack Architectural Heritage, as he gives a presentation about the late 19th century rustic architectural style of the Adirondack great camps.  These camps were often built for wealthy urban clients and were constructed with a variety of natural materials so that they were harmonious with the Adirondack landscape.  This rustic style eventually influenced the design of Western lodges and hotels built by the National Park Service. 

Music: Annie and Jonny Rosen
July 5
Come celebrate summer with the wonderful musical talents of Annie and Jonny Rosen. These talented musicians from Schenectady are making their journey up North to help us celebrate summer in the Adirondacks. You’ll enjoy listening to their beautiful vocals and harmonies that are blended into an eclectic mix of acoustic folk, torchy blues, standards, bluegrass, gospel, early jazz and more. A great night of musical entertainment for everyone!

Lyme Disease: What you need to know
July 19
Join Holly Ahern, Professor of Microbiology at SUNY Adirondack in Queensbury as she gives a presentation about Lyme Disease, a tick borne-disease affecting more and more people here in the Adirondacks.

Climate Change: Causes, Problems, Impacts and Solutions
July 26
Whether it is severe storms such as Hurricane Sandy, extreme flooding, elevated global temperatures, expanding droughts, or melting ice and rising sea levels, climate change is having an increasingly adverse impact on our planet. SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury Branch Campus Dean, Dr. Steve Danna, serves as a Climate Reality Leader through the Climate Reality Project and will present information about Climate Change's causes, problems, impacts, and solutions. This session is for those individuals concerned about our changing climate and interested in strategies to minimize climate change impacts for our generation and generations to come.


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